I don’t really understand

ascribing to some external normative ideology as if for some reason other people can define you.

I spend most of my time looking at what people say, things like

"lonely" "cold hearted" "crazy" "bitchy" "fat"

and I see, more than anything, how loaded those words are, as if for some reason a person has to be the way others expect, as if for some reason everyone lives for everyone else, and it annoys me.

I mean, what if I just don’t like other people? Why does that have to make me “lonely”? I like being alone. People tend to obstruct my enjoyment of life; very few people do not.

It really irks me when people act like their opinion is, for some reason, what I must live my life for. It’s bullshit. I had no say in my existence, why do I owe anyone congruence in my own value system? No, fuck that. Hah.

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